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    24 hour emergency services for all your garage door repair in Dover, NHNeed a garage door expert in or around Center Barnstead, NH? Elite Door of New England has the experience you are looking for when it comes to garage doors and openers in the area. With vast experience in selling, installing, maintaining and repairing garage doors, Elite Door of New England is here to help you though any project by offering you the products and services you need.

    Imagine this scenario: you’re getting ready for work, hurrying not to be late, get into your car and try to open your garage door but it doesn’t respond. All garage doors require proper maintenance, adjustments and sometimes, repairs. That’s why at Elite Door of New England, we offer an “annual tune-up” program designed to keep your garage door working perfectly and avoid a scenario like this. Our garage door experts know how to recognize problems in functioning, how to fix them, and how to prevent them in the future. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Be at ease knowing that our garage door experts have done the work for you.

    DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? We have the solution!
    Does your garage door opener:

    • Not work?

    • Open and close by itself?

    • Make a bothersome thudding noise?

    Does your garage door:

    • Seem very heavy to open?

    • Not open?

    • Close improperly?

    • Stop before touching the floor?

    • Not reverse direction mechanically?

    Then contact Elite Door of New England! You can trust us with all your needs in garage door repair in Dover, NH and we will be sure to fix your problems rapidly and correctly! Here is what we can take care of:

    • Broken or bent rollers

    • Broken garage door cables

    • Broken springs

    • Noisy garage doors

    • Replacement of sections

    • Bent or misaligned tracks

    • Garage door hardware overhauls

    • Maintenance

    • Safety inspections

    Whatever request you may have, we will make your door work!

    Why you should choose us for your garage door repair in Dover, NH? Because we:

    • Provide emergency garage door services 24\7.

    • As certified Garaga Experts, meet the highest levels of professionalism.

      Garaga Experts – for all your garage door repair in Dover, NH

    • Are qualified technicians and installers.

    • Give the best advice because we know our products from top to bottom.

    • Are courteous, rapid and thorough.

    • Are a member of the IDA - International Door Association and the Professional Door Association of
      New England

    • IDA - International Door Association Professional Door Association of New England

    • Cover the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

    • Serve: Rye,Hampton, Portsmouth, Manchester, Dover, Hopkinton, Bow, New Hampshire, Newfields, Hollis, Bedford, Wolfeboro, Hanover, Merrimack, Concord, Alton, Wakefield, Keene.

    • Fix any brand of garage doors or garage door openers, and replace parts and accessories.

      Garage Door Brands

      Banner Door
      CHI Overhead Door
      Clopay Door
      General Door
      Haas Door
      Overhead Door
      Safe-Way Door
      Standard Door
        Garage Door Opener Brands

      Sears / Craftsman

    • And last, we love what we are doing!

    Important details regarding the “annual tune-up” program

    Upon purchasing and installing a garage door, people expect the longest lifespan possible, and more importantly, don’t want to put time and cash into making this possible. A garage door system made of quality parts and installed only by experts can help you avoid any problems. Furthermore, regular maintenance check-ups based on how often the door is used are also an important part of this.

    A garage door doesn’t take care of itself. It is important for it to be routinely serviced to maintain its proper functioning, just like any other mechanical object. Be practical – your garage door is an integral part of your home that is used constantly as a human and vehicle entrance, and on which your daily life depends.

    Now you can see why it’s important to entrust the maintenance of your new GARAGA garage door to the experts at Elite Door of New England, whose annual tune-up program can help to ensure that your garage door and daily life both run smoothly.

    The tune-up program designed for all of our garage doors encompasses ten important maintenance points:

    1. 1- Inspect, lube and adjust rollers and hinges

    2. 2- Inspect, lube and adjust torsion springs and all plates

    3. 3- Inspect, adjust and balance extension springs (Note: Garaga strongly recommends the installation of security cables with extension springs)

    4. 4- Inspect and tighten nuts and bolts

    5. 5- Inspect and adjust lifting cables

    6. 6- Inspect and adjust tracks (alignment and wall attachment)

    7. 7- Inspect and lube exterior frame and door bottom weatherstripping

    8. 8- Inspect and adjust door opener’s electrical components including trolley

    9. 9- Test and adjust all security systems (mechanical or photoelectrical)

    10. 10- Inspect and tune remote controls & door opener accessories

    What’s the best time of year and recommended frequency for these tune-ups? In the late fall or at least every year and a half. We recommend the late fall to ensure proper functioning during the winter.

    Be aware that attempting to fix or adjust your garage door by yourself can result in injuries or damage to the door or components. Instead, avoid the trouble by asking the experts at Elite Door of New England to do a thorough evaluation and servicing of your garage door system. People call us because this is our area of expertise. Call us at (603) 833-7135 for all your garage door repair in Dover, NH or to arrange an annual tune-up adapted to you and your garage door.


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