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  • Why Elite Door of New England recommend Garaga

    See all the choices Garaga gives you!

    Garaga means not only top quality products and great customer service, but above all, its name is synonymous with stylish garage doors available in handsome colors that harmonize with and complement any type of home.

    Your color pallet

    Garaga and the team at Elite Doors of New England can help with the selection of your door by giving you styling advice. There are a few things to be considered when deciding on the colors and details of your garage door in order to have a harmonious looking home:

    • Match your garage door to your window frames & design.

    Match your garage door to your window frames & design

    • Minimize extreme contrasts.

    • Choose a rectangle shape that corresponds to your architectural style.

    Choose a rectangle shape that corresponds to your architectural style

    • Select decorative hardware that complements your exterior lighting.

    Select decorative hardware that complements your exterior lighting

    For more design options and to view some of the projects we’ve done previously, visit our Image Gallery! You can also view what your dream door would look like on your home by uploading a photo of your house onto the virtual Design Centre and superimposing the new garage door on the photo.

    Additional uses

    On top of having multiple styling options, doors for different applications are offered by Garaga:

    Outbuilding doors: an interesting option chosen by many of our customers is to install a garage door on their shed or other outbuilding. Some of the advantages of doing this are for practicality, style and ease of maintenance.

    Outbuilding doors

    Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial doors: the same advantages of Garaga’s residential doors: quality, selection, good looks and insulation, are found with these hard-working doors. These robust doors are custom-crafted to any special application, coming in a variety of styles, colors, window options, and sizes, always with the same top-quality steel or aluminum exterior. Whatever the requirements, like impact resistance, specific insulation properties, non-standard dimensions, you will find what you need in the G-5000 series from Garaga.

    Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial doors

    Full view doors: If you want to maximize natural light and are looking for a more distinctive, modern look, with no insulation requirements, the California will please many homeowners. Its commercial cousin, the G-4400, is perfect for applications such as fire stations, bars or restaurants, providing a sleek contemporary look, while having all the functional properties of a regular garage door.

    Full view doors

    Thus it is easy to see why we recommend GARAGA garage doors. Their vast variety of high quality products, each one bringing long-lasting beauty and functionality to new constructions or renovations, both residential and commercial applications, make us confident that Garaga doors will meet and surpass your requirements.

    Ask for a free online quote, helping you with your project would be delightful!


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